When the Muse Finds You…


When the Muse finds you, she hits hard.

Not with the words, but with the emotions evoked by the story that must be told.
And so it begins.

Images swirl through your mind.  The mist dissipates and a world is revealed.  It draws you in.  This is where you live.  This is your home now.

And within this world, characters emerge.  Their faces become ever clearer as their hopes, their dreams, their pain, and their sufferings are forever burned into your brain.  They know your name.  They know where you sleep and they demand to be heard.

The all-consuming need to write seeps into your pores.  Its grip, relentless.  Its power, unforgiving.

Must find the words

The fever takes hold.  Your life is no longer your own.

You belong to the story…until “The End.”


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