Monthly Archives: March 2014

Word Throwdown


(Ain’t No Bobby Flays Here)


One word.  That’s all it takes.  Just one word thrown out there and it’s bound to attract others.  Like lemmings or…minions.

Words are social creatures.  They like hanging together, attracting attention, causing a ruckus.  It’s what they do.  Roaming in their natural habitat, they make no sense.  They’re wild, rambunctious, obstinate.  And they’re all out there.  Every. Single. One.  Easy pickins’.


You are a writer.  A crafter of stories.  A teller of tales.  You take words, string them together, coax them, shape them into memorable characters and unforgettable worlds.  The stuff dreams are made of.  All with the magic of your mind and the stroke of a pen or click of the keys…

Pure magic.

And it’s with one word I begin this blog.  Stringing words together that hopefully make sense.  Attract you, interest you.  Make you want to string your own words together to make some magic.

My intent is to provide a supportive haven for writers like you to hone your craft, write every day, and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from being successful (however you interpret being successful) .  We’re all in the same boat, riding the emotional seas of the literary world.  Why not ride along with me?

I’ll be exploring why and how of writing, the creative process, the art of practice, mindfulness, and my two favorites…procrastination and fear…along with whatever is on my mind.  My ruminations are, as the title of my blog states, rumpled.

At the very least, I hope to inspire you, make you think, make you want to wrestle some words together into ideas and stories.  Get you flexing your writer’s muscle to keep it loose and producing.

All you need is one word.  Throw it down.